Lawn Insect Control Service in Watkinsville, GA

Affordable Lawn Insect Control Service in Watkinsville, GA

If you are looking for a safe, effective lawn insect control service in Watkinsville, GA, contact our team of certified experts at Turf Pros today. We are a full-service lawn care company that specializes in yard pest control, insect extermination, and lawn disease treatment. Give us a call at (706) 255-6405 for a free on-site inspection and no-obligation estimate.

There is nothing more frustrating than a yard full of insects, bugs, and other pests. Unfortunately, these are common lawn problems that plague most homes and businesses in Watkinsville, GA. When left untreated, these pesky critters can wreak havoc on your lawn, and leave behind a nasty, unappealing mess for you to clean up.

Common Types of Lawn Insects in Georgia

Because of the state’s warm, humid climate, Georgia is home to a large variety of common lawn insects and pests, including:

Army Worms 

The fall armyworm is the caterpillar species most commonly associated with foliar damage seen on turfgrasses, such as bermudagrass and tall fescue in Georgia landscapes. Often noticed in late summer, these highly destructive caterpillars crawl through once pleasantly green areas, and in just a few hours, turn them into brown wastelands.

White Grubs

White grubs are a type of beetle larvae that feed on the roots of grass, causing the blades to dry out and die. Grub damage can spread rapidly throughout your lawn and can be difficult to eradicate since the infestation happens underground. Some of the telltale signs of grub damage include lightning-fast lawn deterioration, brown patches in your yard, and small piles of dirt throughout the area. Grubs can survive the harshest of winters, only to return the following year, so they are often considered to be a permanent problem in most lawns in Georgia.

Mole Crickets

Mole crickets are tiny brown or black insects that live underground and damage grass by creating networks of tunnels in the dirt. The insect feeds on grass’ roots, using its fine, straw-like mouthpiece to puncture and suck up nutrients. This causes brown spots in your yard and makes it very difficult for any new growth to take root. Some homeowners also complain of hearing loud chirping sounds at night, which can be very annoying.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are another common problem in most Georgia lawns. These insects are often referred to as “grass vampires” because they suck the life out of lawns by feeding on their roots. They can decimate a yard in no time, with most homeowners seeing circular brown patches and thinning grass as the early signs of infestation. Since chinch bugs can feed undetected for a long period of time, they can be very difficult to completely eradicate from your lawn.

Trust the Certified Lawn Care Experts at Turf Pros

Turf Pros is a top-rated lawn care company in Watkinsville, GA that utilizes a knowledge-based approach when it comes to yard insect control. Our comprehensive pest control services not only eradicate existing lawn insect infestations but also can prevent future outbreaks. We are also fully licensed and insured to ensure that your yard receives the safest possible treatment while keeping your family and pets safe at all times.

Call us today at (706) 255-6405 and let our team of certified experts handle all of your lawn insect control needs.

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